Are you wanting to feel freedom in your health journey instead of trapped by all the varying information and standards out there?

Then it's nice to meet you, I'm Shaela Daugherty!

It took me YEARS to understand what it meant to have a healthy body. I thought I needed like -5% body fat to look lean, sexy and feel confident. What took me way to long to discover, was that it was all an internal battle, which gave me the passion to become a personal trainer and help other women find wholeness in their wellness journey more simply than I did.


Here's what we do on the regs in the SD Fit Well Community . . . 

  • We focus on consistency over intensity in both workouts and nutrition 
  • We focus on habits for life-long health over short-term results 
  • We focus on building strength (📢 having muscles = getting toned) through various types of strength training workouts
  • We focus on a Kingdom Body Mindset - which means looking at our health and fitness journey through the lens of the gospel and why it matters on this side of Heaven

Whether you work with me 1-1, through my app subscription, done for you programs, or are a part of my JuicePlus+ fam here's my heart 👇🏽

It is my joy and privilege to coach christian women to feel confident, be consistent in her health journey, and celebrate the little wins all in a God-honoring way.

My clients feel:

✔️ empowered through encouragement

✔️ equipped with the right fitness and nutrition tools

✔️ enough in her own skin

and you can too 👊🏽


Everybody has a dream right? Here's the scary, God-sized, God-breathed, God-given dream for the SD Fit Well company. . . 

Here at SD Fit Well we long to see a generation of women take back their health and fitness from the enemy and instead honor God with their bodies by exercising and eating healthy because we GET TO, not because we HAVE to. 

Satan came to steal, kill and destroy, but in Christ we can:

Have life and have it abundantly, including our bodies (John 10:10)

🤔 Imagine a life where you: 

💥 destroyed body comparison

💥 eliminated body shame

💥 stopped obsessing over the number on the scale

💥 exercised because you wanted to, not out of obligation 


And maybe you think it's too good to be true, but it's not. You can grab ahold of that and that can be your healthy story too. 

It's all about a perspective shift of why as christian women we exercise and eat healthy. And that's why I do what I do, because for too long as women, we've been held captive by a never-reaching standard of body beauty, and it's time to break free. 

You can grab ahold of the promise of abundance for your body and enjoy having a healthy and active lifestyle no matter what crazy season of life you are in. And I am on mission to help you do that. 

Work with me right this second by:

Applying for 1-1 Coaching

This is where some serious accountability comes in handy. I tailor workouts, nutrition, habit building, and wellness content to your exact stage of life, needs, desires, and body limitations. I'll get to coach you weekly by encouraging, equipping and empowering you with everything you need to feel confident and strong in your health and wellness journey, while also helping you reach your goals. 

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Join the SD Fit Well App Community

Jump right in to my app community where you get done-for-you tools, tips, workouts, and nutrition advice you need to wrestle with your health journey and find freedom in it, while still staying mentally present with the people you care most about. You can head to your app store today and download SD Fit Well and receive a 7 Day Free Trial.

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In case you reallly want to know more. . . when I'm not helping woman have breakthroughs in their heath and fitness journey and writing the best workout programs available, you'll find me . . .

Running around with my two kiddos

We have two toddlers running around, so we stay VERY active and busy! Add a pure-bred border collie to the mix and life is never dull. 

At-home enjoying my best life now

I'm a natural born home-body. If i'm not working out, helping other woman, serving in my husbands student ministry or going on an adventure, I am most definitely HOME. 

Dating my husband on the regs

If you've ever had children then you know it can be hard to prioritize time with your spouse; however, we try to have one date night a week, one weekend a month, and one week a year for just the TWO of us, no kiddos allowed!