Build Strength + Feel Energized




Tired of the endless cycle of health plans that never seem to stick? 

Meet the 12 Week Transformation Package - not just a plan,  but a personalized revolution for your well-being. It's more than a strategy, it's a blueprint to a healthier, happier you. 

Why this program?

  • Tailored to You:¬†Customized to fit your life and your goals.
  • Beyond Fitness:¬†A holistic approach that integrates seamlessly into your busy life.
  • Sustainable Change:¬†No more temporary fixes. This is about long-lasting transformation.
  • Accountability: Email check-in's to keep you on track and hold you accountable.
  • Tools for Success: Resources for each action item all in one place

What if this is the only thing you need to start and maintain a healthy life, life-long?

And the good news?

This package delivers real results to real people. 


Rediscovered the Joy of Nutritious Eating

"Nutrition's a breeze! Still getting the hang of it being intuitive, but it's becoming a habit. Simple, do-able, and I'm loving the extra veggies and protein. Thanks a bunch!"




Found Simplicity and Rhythms in a Busy Life

The Plan? I Loved it! Checking off my list each week keeps me on track, especially with a crazy schedule. Health and fitness adapt like a charm!"

~ Ali


12 Week Transformation Package: What's Included:

Personalized 1:1 Coaching Call

We start by understanding your unique goals.

Rhythm Dials Strategy

A revolutionary health and fitness tool ensuring your plan is adaptable and effective.

12 Week Tailored Action Plan

Your personal roadmap to success for your health and fitness goals + the tools you need for the actions.


Success Story: Meet Angela

Lost over 10 pounds with simple habit tweaks and actions.

"Even though I wasn't planning on losing weight to begin with, it was a goal, and because of the actions and habits we put in place over the 12 weeks, I've ended up losing over 10 pounds and keeping it off. Thanks to the action plan I'm still working on a few areas that I want to make more of a habit, but once I work through those, I'm going to be ready for another action plan!" 

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Program Investment


  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching call
  • Working Through Your Unique Goals
  • Rhythm Dial Strategy
  • 12 Week Tailored Action Plan
  • Email Accountability Check-In's
  • Resources¬†for Success


3 Monthly Payments of $107 USD



Single Payment of $297 USD



Embracing Freedom and Grace in the Journey

"The dials make so much more sense now. I've heard you talk about the rhythm dials, but practically putting them into place was hard to figure out. As someone who is either all in or all out, it's helpful to see how the weekly actions you give me can be dialed up or dialed down so I'm moving myself out of that mentality and feeling the freedom and grace in my journey!"

~ Cheryl


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Need some peace of mind?

Work through the program and achieve your health goals, or we keep working with you. No more wasted money on temporary solutions. Invest in a plan designed for your unique journey.

Hey, I'm Shaela

Digital CEO, Mom, Wife, Passionate about making health and fitness work for every woman and her unique lifestyle.

I used to be where you are. Stuck in my own mind and not knowing what to do next. All living in that all or nothing space thinking if I messed up on workouts or nutrition, it was game over for the day. This left me feeling depleted, anxious about my health and trapped in the endless cycle of losing and gaining weight.

I found that all or nothing doesn't work for busy women. We need grace-filled, simple daily habits incorporated to our lives for lasting and sustainable progress in our fitness and wellness.

The 12 Week Transformation Package was born out of my desire to equip and empower women with simple habits that actually matter for their personal life. Let's build a healthy lifestyle in 12 weeks!