All in one Faith, Fitness and Nutrition App!


Full of simple, quick workouts, nutrition tips & habits, and a fantastic faith-based community holding each other accountable.



You don't need hours in the gym every week... 

All you need is consistency, habits, rhythms and a solid workout plan.


I've got you covered!

Imagine if...

  • You had someone whose been where you are, helping you navigate what you really need in your health and fitness...
  • You had a variety of fitness programs to meet you at different stages in your journey
  • You had a proven nutrition method that's helped hundreds of women build sustainable health life-long
  • You actually enjoyed your health and fitness journey and were excited to wake up each day and take it on

And the good news?

you don't have to do it alone!

The SD Fit Well App

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We are all busy as women these days and because of that it can be really hard to take time for yourself.

Usually fitness is the first to go when times get hard or busy, right? But whether you care for your family, homeschool, work inside the home, outside the home, or a hybrid of all of those - what you are doing is hard. You are having to balance work, home tasks, nurturing your family, and organizing everything on your ever-growing calendar.

That’s why you need something simple for your fitness. You need a variety of workouts at your fingertips that are under 30 minutes a day with minimal equipment so you can incorporate them into every season of your life.

The SD Fit Well App is Here 👏🏾 For 👏🏾  It👏🏾 . 



It’s the trainers spin on the program that makes it different, with Shaela – there is a difference.

She intertwines scripture into everything shes doing. Hers is that we should see our bodies as the Lord sees our body.  It’s something that we should be preaching to ourselves on a regular basis – she is preaching it to others. It’s not just a workout program. It’s truly a disciplieship program, that intertwines fitness and wellness all together, which is what I love about it.

The fitness industry as a whole is full of lost people and what she is doing is so needed.

It’s not just your average workout app, it’s going to help you memorize scripture, transform the way that you think because she’s using scripture, so it’s going to change the way you think about yourself and others – there are just these good little nuggets in there that you’ll get.

She not only can help you transform your body, but she can help transform the way you think. Even her tagline – we move our bodies because we GET to not because we HAVE to. And even for me, I’ve really mulled that over in my brain and my thoughts about the fact that other people don’t actually get to, and it truly is a gift and our body is a gift and that moving them is a gift.”

~Lacy Lain, homeschool mom of 3, business owner



I like knowing you’ve already planned it out on the app…all I have to  do is execute it!

I’ve enjoyed the workouts. I love that they’re as challenging as I desire to make them. I feel energized afterward but not too exhausted to continue my day. 

It’s fun to have a plan and no longer have to decide on which workout to do each day! 

~Shelley S., pastors wife, mom, business owner


What's waiting for you inside

Fitness: Simple & Effective Workouts

  • 250+ Workouts
  • 5 new workouts drop every Sunday
  • All workouts less than 30 minutes (some less than 10!)
  • Scripture weaved into every workout
  • Listen to your own music or podcast while you workout
  • Pause the workout anytime
  • Strengthen Your Core Course

Food: Wellness Coaching

  • Habit focus each month
  • Webinar dropped at the beginning of every month on the habit
  • Visual printable to go along with the habit
  • Q&A through the community anytime
  • Scheduled live Q&A's over habits, wellness, nutrition, etc. 
  • Nutrition 101 course in app 

Faith: Amazing Support & Community

  • Weekly goal setting emails
  • 1-1 messaging with your trainer (me!)
  • Community of like-minded women
  • Scripture and Biblical themes weaved throughout the programs and workouts
  • Themes tie into the Move Your Body Differently Podcast episodes

SD Fit Well App Membership


  • 250+ workouts
  • All workouts under 30 minutes and simple & effective
  • Monthly habit & wellness coaching
  • Private app community
  • Scripture and Biblical encouragement weaved throughout
  • 1-1 messaging with your trainer
  • Nutrition 101 Course


Monthly Payment of $37 USD
Use NEWMEMBER20 to get 20% off your first month



Annual Payment of $397.80 (get 2 months free! USD)


Risk Free: Cancel Anytime! 

You can cancel your monthly membership anytime. Totally hassle free, you just go into the setting in your account and cancel your membership from there. No strings attached, no exit interviews. 

Hey, I'm Shaela

Digital CEO, Mom, Wife, Passionate about bridging the gap between our faith and fitness

I used to be where you are. All or nothing workout gal. If I messed up on workouts or nutrition, it was game over for the day. This left me feeling depleted, anxious about my health and trapped in the endless cycle of losing and gaining weight.

I found that all or nothing doesn't work for us busy moms. We need grace-filled, simple daily habits incorporated to our lives for lasting and sustainable progress in our fitness and wellness.

SD FitWell app was born out of my desire to equip and empower women with simple habits. I hope you'll join me and the community.