SD Fit Well App


An all in one fitness, nutrition and faith app.


Full of simple, quick workouts, nutrition tips & tricks, and a fantastic faith-based community holding each other accountable.

Photo of a woman smiling out of excitement and sitting with her legs crossed wearing light blue leggings and a dark tank top. This image is associated with SD Fit Well App, which offers a variety workout programs, courses and faith based encouragement.


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You can be a busy woman AND work toward your fitness goals. 

You do not need to spend hours in the gym every week to get the results you want.  

All you need is consistency, habits, rhythms and a solid workout plan.

I've got you covered!

What's In It?


  • 8 workout programs (adding 2 more every year)
    • totals 200+ workouts
    • nutrition advice for each program
  • Courses
    • Nutrition 101
    • Keys to Moving Well
  • Workout of the Day
    • 5 new workouts dropped every Sunday


Faith Based

  • Scripture and Biblical Themes weaved throughout the programs and workouts

  • Christian Community pursing fitness and wellness together

  • Ties into my podcast episodes too!


  • Weekly Goal Setting Emails
  • 1-1 chat with your coach - Me, Shaela, when ever you need!
  • Leaderboard
  • Community of believers


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Photo of a woman sitting on a kitchen counter, wearing workout clothes and leaning towards the camera with a smile of excitement. The image emphasizes the importance of incorporating fitness into daily life and represents the offerings of SD Fit Well App, which includes a variety of workout programs, wellness courses, and faith-based encouragement for users. The kitchen setting suggests the importance of healthy eating and the role it plays in overall wellness.

Hey Friend, I'm Shaela,

I used to be where you are. All or nothing workout gal. If I messed up on workouts or nutrition, it was game over for the day. This left me feeling depleted, anxious about my health and trapped in the endless cycle of losing and gaining weight.

I found that all or nothing doesn't work for us busy moms. We need grace-filled, simple daily habits incorporated to our lives for lasting and sustainable progress in our fitness and wellness.

SD FitWell app was born out of my desire to equip and empower women with simple habits. I hope you'll join me and the community.

Have questions? I got you 👇🏽

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